WRFN Votes 2015

WRFN Chief Shining Turtle
WRFN Chief Shining Turtle

Franklin Paibomsai

“I recognize that our beautiful community is a family with amazing abilities,” said incumbent Franklin Paibomsai. “Our community is very dynamic with a significant portion of our families living away from home. We have a young and growing population that is interested in making a contribution.”

Mr. Paibomsai went on to note that “We have our elders that are anxious to share their stories and history. Our community has a vibrant history that is not fully appreciated by our neighbours. As families we have celebrated many successes in our community with infrastructure, and many community events, like our school graduations, King’s Day feasts, powwows or Remembrance Day celebrations.”

But he pointed out that “We have also had to face the daunting social challenges that have tested our deepest values; issues like suicide and family breakdown. Like all strong communities, our choice has been ‘hope over despair,’ and in so doing we have strengthened our family ties. We are all part of our extraordinary community and we all need to be helping each other out for the betterment of all our families.”

Mr. Paibomsai noted that a key part of building that better future “lies in planning and, in our case, we have invested heavily in planning. We have a 20-year capital plan, education plan, health plan, comprehensive plan, economic development plan and a socio-economic plan.” That planning has been done in conjunction with the Whitefish River community, he said. “We now need to implement these wonderful plans for the betterment of all our families.”

Mr. Paibomsai made the commitment that “if re-elected, I pledge to continue working to invest in our community and keep moving forward.”

“We will collectively work towards lobbying governments to improve socio-economic conditions for our citizens,” he said. Pointing to the community’s need for daycare space, renovations to the library, church and outdoor rink. He noted that he recently had occasion to stop in to the new Sudbury Public Library facility at that city’s south end and found it to be a bustling and vibrant hub. “There were a lot of people there, elders and youth, and they were reading books, accessing the Internet and engaging in community activities,” he said.

Mr. Paibomsai’s shortlist of goals, should his community see fit to return him to office, as “finalizing our land claim files from 1850, including Highway 6, as well is the unsold surrendered lands from 1865; empowering our citizens through education, training and employment; implementation of our child welfare model through Kina Gbezhgomi; investing in our spiritual and community wellness; and the implementation of our community Matrimonial Real Property Law.”

Chief Shining Turtle cited a quotation from author Jean Vanier’s ‘Community And Growth.’ “Many people are good at talking about what they are doing, but in fact do little. Others do a lot but don’t talk about it; they are the ones who make a community live.”