Mankind’s influence is creating confusion for everyone

Our governments need to smarten up

To the Expositor:

People’s influences on one another are not doing so well for anybody. All it is doing is just creating a lot of confusion for everyone, that is why I keep fighting off mankind’s influence. Sometimes somebody who is under the influence of alcohol will ask me why I’m so different from everybody else; it’s because I never get caught up with mankind’s influence, because if I did, I would just screw up my life again.

Just like I did when I was abusing alcohol, but this time I’m just following our Creator’s teachings and sometimes I do see myself not fitting in with today’s society either. I did share this with my sister to how I see myself because anybody who gets caught up with mankind’s influences will become a lost soul.

If anybody knows or understands what I mean by that, try and look it up in the bible, it might be in there somewhere. Sometimes I do surprise myself how much I understand about life, that it’s one of our Creator’s teachings and it’s written in the bible already.

I never doubt myself again like I use to do. All it does is tell me that I’m on the right track on how I understand life and the way it is supposed to be. It’s saddening to see how our society is behaving these days, with all the hatred and jealousy that is happening everywhere, not to mention the homeless people and how they must feel to be disregarded especially during the winter months.

That is why I always say to smarten up. Even our governments need to smarten up on how they are running our country. It’s certainly not very fair for anybody.

Ronald Osawabine