Mason’s honour Espanola man’s lifelong blood donations

Very Worshipful Brother Grant Moffatt of Whitefish Falls on the occasion of his 100 donations of blood and plasma over the past 30 years.

ESPANOLA – They call donating blood giving the ‘Gift of Life’ and you would be hard pressed to find a more generous individual than Grant Moffatt of Whitefish Falls, who was recently presented with a certificate of recognition by the hand of Right Worshipful Robert (Rob) Lipic, district deputy grand master of the Sudbury-Manitoulin District Freemasons on the occasion of Very Worshipful Moffatt’s near-100 donations.

What makes his accomplishment all the more remarkable is that under the blood donor restrictions for most of each of the past 30 years, Very Worshipful Moffat would have had to donate the full limit of three times a year to achieve such a milestone.

Although, like Manitoulin, Espanola lost its mobile blood donor clinics a few years ago, Very Worshipful Moffatt has taken to driving into Sudbury every couple of weeks to donate plasma at that city’s new plasma centre at 900 Lasalle Boulevard. 

Not content with rolling up his sleeves a couple of times a week, Very Worshipful Moffatt has also taken on the role of Espanola Masonic Lodge blood donor chairman—encouraging others to step up to donate as well. Blood donations have long been a particular focus of the Masons.

“This was quite a surprise,” said Very Worshipful Moffatt. “I was told that I had to go to the Masonic Hall to sign something.”

In making the presentation, District Deputy Grand Master Lipit noted that charity and giving are the cornerstone of the fraternal organization known as the Freemasons, with members practicing charity with treasure and time in many forms.

“We are proud of Grant’s service and dedication,” said Worshipful Brother Brad Bracken, master of the Espanola Masonic Lodge. “I would encourage everyone to contact Canadian Blood Service via their website,, to find out more.”