Meagan Pilon was on her way to Manitoulin when she went missing

A screenshot from the Please Bring Me Home website.

Please Bring Me Home group holding memorial walk Sept. 11

SUDBURY—In 2013, Meagan Pilon was on her way from her Sudbury home to Espanola with the trip to continue onto Manitoulin Island. However, since that time the teenager has been reported as missing. Volunteers Julie Charette and Natashia Pickering of Please Bring Me Home will be hosting their first memorial walk Sunday, September 11 for missing persons in honour of Meagan Pilon.

“We were told that she (Meagan) was on her way to Espanola to stay for the night, and then would be travelling to Manitoulin Island to visit friends,” said Ms. Charette. “I belong to the group Please Bring Me Home and she is one of the cases I have been investigating. Natashia Pickering and I worked on this case and we will be holding a memorial walk on Sunday, September 11 (in Sudbury) in honour of Meagan, who has been missing since September 11, 2013.

Each year, police record over 100,000 missing persons in Canada. Please Bring Me Home’s mission is to solicit anonymous tips regarding cold case missing persons across Canada. “Our goal is to find the missing and bring them home to their family and friends,” said Ms. Charette. “The group was founded in early 2018 by Nick Oldrieve, Matthew Nopper and Melissa Harwood although the history of the organization stretches back to early 2016.”

“We hope by having this memorial walk on September 11 it would get the word out on Meagan and other missing persons. You never know, someone may have some information that they can share and maybe that one tip will lead to finding her, bringing her home and bringing closure to her family,” said Ms. Charette. “We are holding the walk in honour of Meagan but we currently have 14 other cases of missing persons in Sudbury.”

Ms. Charette noted she joined Please Bring Me Home as an investigation team researcher “two years ago. Natashia has been with them for seven years. We have assisted in locating 17 missing people, two that were deceased, and some that did not want to be found. The police services already have a lot to deal with,” she said adding, “and we both have children Meagan’s age.”

It had been reported in the Sudbury Star May 24 that tips continue to come in regarding the possible whereabout of Meagan Pilon, but that there have been no significant leads to solve her disappearance. The group operates under the same assumption as police that she is dead. They are looking for her remains.

Meagan was last seen by her father on September 11, 2013. She was 15 years old.

While Please Bring Me Home accepts anonymous tips, members are also active in the field, speaking with family, friends and anyone who might hold the key to these disappearances. The group is not concerned with the criminality of the cases but only in locating the missing. Tips can be submitted to or by calling the tip hotline at 1-226-702-2728.

Meagan Pilon is described as 5’10”, 140 pounds, with black hair and hazel eyes. She has a Playboy bunny tattoo on her left shoulder and a scar above the right side of her lip.