MHC Auxiliary News

The April teleconference was held on the 22nd. It is encouraged that members continue, with enthusiasm, to keep the auxiliary functioning through these difficult times. President Dawn Orr welcomed all members. Carole Labelle introduced a new member, Dora Hews. 

Lin Diebel introduced our guest, Tom Ondrejicka. At a previous meeting Tom offered his services as a consultant to explore avenues for successful fundraising. He further outlined his role and capabilities in providing direction for the auxiliary to succeed in fundraising in the future. He suggested a committee be formed to work with him.

Dawn Orr mentioned that a letter was sent on behalf of the auxiliary to Paula Fields and Tim Vine to offer our support to them in their new roles as co-CEOs.

Donations continue to come in for the telethon. A reminder for those who e-transfer money that if you want a receipt, there is a space for you to write in your address. Unfortunately, the treasurer was not able to send some out because no address was included.

The annual meeting was led by nominating committee chair Carole Labelle. Elections were held for the executive. Nominees were duly nominated and voting was held for each candidate. Only dissenters were heard. There were none for the positions. Election results were for president, Dawn Orr; vice-president, Carole Labelle; treasurer, Marilee Hore; and secretary, Debbie Heise. Congratulations to the hard-working executive. Sue Lafreniere continues as board liaison. Representatives for other activities are as follows: publicity, Carole Labelle; in-memoriam, Barbara Lawrence; goodwill, Dawn Orr; membership, Lin Diebel; Facebook, Carole Labelle; coin boxes, Dave Sylvester. Crystal Bossio-Vine, Dawn Orr and Laila Kiviaho will continue with supplies for tuck cart/ showcase.

The formation of an ad-hoc committee for fundraising was discussed and interested members were encouraged to contact Dawn Orr. So far, seven members are on the committee.

Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 20.

Take care! Stay safe! Be respectful of others!