Michael’s Bay guardians set record straight on property’s status

To the Expositor:

A Michael’s Bay town site and cemeteries report.

On October 22, 2014, Doug Tracy received this email from Public Works SPMD (Seized Property Management Directive): “Mr. Tracy: We understand and appreciate your interest for the alleged aboriginal burial sites on the restrained property located in Manitoulin. Please be informed that the property is still under a Restraint and Management Order. No offer to purchase has been approved by the SPMD pursuant to the terms of the Restraint and management Order dated 27 September 2005 by the Superior Court of Justice in London, Ontario. I hope this clarifies the issue. Best regards, Danielle Pilon, Federal Public Works Case Officer in charge of Michael’s Bay properties.”

The cemeteries are protected by the Ontario Cemeteries Act, (FBCS) we just have to have the Crown honour Ontario laws.

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