Mindemoya taxpayer concerned with housing options

To the Expositor:

I am submitting this letter as a Mindemoya taxpayer regarding the unfairness to the taxpayers concerning the Hope No Farm population. They have two modern expensive brick buildings at taxpayers’ expense, on choice acreage of land facing King Street and a group house on Bay Street and another one in town with maid and caretaker’s services plus their food, clothes and maintenance. Maybe to give them something to do they could cultivate the acreage and grow vegetables for themselves and food care and others.

They are rapidly taking over the only seniors geared-to-income building on Nixon Street in Mindemoya. They should be moved out of there immediately to be fair to the geared-to-income seniors. The uncontrolled and rowdy Hope No Farm people should never have been allowed to inhabit the premises in the first place. If the administration and caretakers are not capable or able to administer their responsibilities properly and fairly, then replace them. Should not the parents or relatives assume some financial responsibility?

The Hope No Farm people have two modern brick buildings on King Street, so move them out of the group homes and make these houses into rooms for seniors geared-to-income.

This would be a step in the right direction financially and help our needy seniors and be fairer to all concerned.

To my knowledge this information is true and is my personal opinion.

Respectfully yours,

Willard Taylor