Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry deer tag system is seriously flawed

“Lessen the buck tags, give out lots of fawn tags and in some areas give out more doe tags” says 91-year-old hunter

To the Expositor:

I read in the Recorder Bill Strain’s version of how the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) manages the deer hunt on Manitoulin Island. I agree fully with him.

I have hunted deer since I was 19-years-old, which is 72 years, because I am 91 years young. We have a hunting group of usually 10 to 12 people, mostly family, that hunts 700 acres of my property plus another 300 acres, with permission. This year, our group was allotted 1 (one) antlerless deer tag only. We saw does and fawns this year but because of only 1 antlerless tag, we watched them go on their way.

It is ridiculous that the MNR makes me buy a licence from them to hunt on property that I own and pay taxes on. They admit they don’t own the deer so where do they get any power to control the deer hunt on private property? They are to control Crown land hunting only. The people on Manitoulin don’t know how to fight for their rights.

The MNR allows too long of a bow hunt season and everybody can shoot a buck. Then there is rifle season, and everybody can shoot a buck. Then there is black powder season and everybody can shoot a buck. So what it boils down to is the bucks are getting scarce and we will get a deer herd, like Michigan, with little scrawny bucks.

Why not allow a certain amount of buck tags, a certain amount of fawn tags and then more doe tags in areas where they are over populated? I also read retired CO Anderson’s version of many deer starving last winter and he only checked areas where the deer were overpopulated. Last winter a lot of fawns didn’t make spring because of the extra snow. I talked to a lot of people and they reported there are far too many does and fawns ruining the farmer’s fields, especially in the Green Bush area, Bidwell area and the area south of Little Current. My daughter lives on Barrie Island and it is nothing to go for a little ride in the evening and count 20-30 deer. I was told retired CO Anderson persuaded the Fish and Game Club and the Deer Management Committee to cut tags. I feel they cut far too many tags. Let him tour the entire Island, not just part of it.

My last phrase is: lessen the buck tags, give out lots of fawn tags and in some areas, give out more doe tags.

J.D. Hutchinson