Missing cameras anger visiting hunter

To the Expositor:

The Saturday and Sunday before the deer hunt, we got to our camp on MacLean’s Mountain to set up and on Sunday we put four tree cams out—one at my stand and another about 50 feet facing other way. My partner put one at his back stand and another at a different stand. We hunted Monday until dark and walked back to our camp, about 800 feet, on Tuesday morning, watching the birds on the ground near the tree camera and noticed I couldn’t see my first tree cam at 30 feet. I got down and looked for it. ‘It’s gone,’ I tell the guys in my group. The other guy that had the next stand by me goes and checks––his is gone too. So what kind of hunters are out there to steal another hunter’s tree cams in the night?

This is no joke—this actually happened the first night. I coundn’t hunt after that because I was so disgusted and that’s not all. Two years ago they stole my new portable stand that was there from before the property was bought, other stuff too, but it burns me that I can’t be 800 feet from my stand and still have my my camera stolen. I wish I would have got their images on the second camera.

Sorry to say, but I’m a pissed off hunter.

Thanks for listening,
Pat Chamberlin