MNR encourages Ontarians to buy locally-grown trees

ONTARIO—You can’t deck the halls without the perfect Christmas tree. Every kid knows that’s where Santa puts the presents. For adults, it’s the fragrant hallmark of Christmas past, present and future.

Over 500 Ontario farmers produce more than one million Christmas trees each year. So find a fir, pick a pine or select a spruce. Choose one that’s tall and skinny, or short and chubby like Santa Claus.

Searching for a locally grown Christmas tree? Look for the ‘Ontario Wood’ tag or ask the retailer where the trees were grown.

Top 10 reasons why you should buy an Ontario-grown Christmas tree:
1. Real Christmas trees are all-natural—no chemicals, no petroleum, no plastic. Best of all, no assembly required.
2. Everyone, young and old, can help pick the family Christmas tree, even the family dog.
3. Real trees smell like winter for weeks, but you only have to go out in the snow once.
4. Buying a locally grown tree puts you on Santa’s “nice” list for supporting your local economy.
5. Christmas trees truly are a breath of fresh air because they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.
6. The tree-cutting experience usually ends with hot chocolate.
7. Help a homeless chipmunk—lay your tree in the backyard after Christmas to shelter birds and small wild animals.
8. Sawing down a Christmas tree hones your turkey-carving technique.
9. Ontario Christmas trees are everywhere. With hundreds of retailers across the province, your perfect tree could be just around the corner.
10. Good things grow-oh-oh in Ontario.
This holiday season, the Ontario government, the Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Forestry Association and Trees Ontario are teaming up to support sustainably-grown Ontario Christmas trees.