MP for Rankin Inlet should be dropped off to fend for herself at the landfill

We would see how she feels about getting her meals from the dump

To the Expositor:

The Member of Parliament responsible for the Rankin Inlet does not seem to care about her constituency because people living in this area have to scavenge the dump for food because they cannot afford it. The grocery store is too expensive, and if it were not for the leak, nobody would have known about this. People who are living in this community are not saying too much since they are probably better off then the people that have to do this for their survival. That’s how it is sometimes in communities, people who are well off will not speak-up for others who are struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes it even happens within a family. People who offer no support and don’t speak-up for others are just giving more power to the government and then the government will just do as it wishes with that power. Racism does exist within the government, there are some members who are racist and it just shows how this Harper government is treating aboriginals in this country, very inhumane. My advice is to drop Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq in the dump somewhere and just leave her there to fend for herself. She would have to get her meals from the dump and we’ll see how she feels about that. For me, I am not very nice when it comes to politicians because I know them too well with all the inhumane things they do to others is not right.

Ron Osawabine