MPP Michael Mantha notes his surprise that OPP, public had no input on new location

MANITOULIN—Algoma-Manitoulin MPP Michael Mantha was surprised to learn that the public and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) itself did not have any input on where the new OPP building detachment is proposed to be located on Manitoulin Island, and he is taking his concerns to the Minister of the Attorney General of Ontario.

“One of the things that came out of your story on the (Manitoulin Community Police Advisory Committee) meeting with Manitoulin OPP Staff Sergeant Detachment Commander Kevin Webb was that he indicated the OPP did not have any input on where the new building (which will be in the Northeast Town, where property has already been purchased) would be located on Manitoulin. Thee public and community leaders weren’t provided an opportunity either for input on where the new OPP detachment building is going to be located. It is surprising that more local input was not provided, and that the decision was made by the government (Infrastructure Ontario).”

“I have heard many concerns on the decision being taken out of the hands of local decision makers, who aren’t even being allowed to provide input, let alone help make the final decision,” said Mr. Mantha. “I would think that the local OPP and the communities and people who receive the services provided by the OPP would have the opportunity to express their views. But this has been taken out of their hands.”

“The decision was made without local input and expertise of those people who provide and receive the services,” said Mr. Mantha.

Mr. Mantha said, “I will be talking to the Minister of the Attorney General on how the decision was actually made. I would think common sense should have prevailed and  more local input and knowledge would be provided in these type of decisions.” He will be meeting with the Attorney General to learn why local input was not sought on the buildings location.