MSS Kids in the hall

Getting back into the school routine of Manitoulin Secondary School has been a challenge for some people. Waking up every morning just to realize it is time to get to the bus stop is not a great motivator, yet every morning walking into the halls, I can feel the buzz of excitement to be back at school.

On Monday, kids were welcomed back into the comfortable environment of their classrooms with a nice being pile of culminating task. Getting down to work, the students crammed into the library to study for their upcoming exams.

The library is a nice getaway from the loud and chaotic hallways. Walking into the library is so calming, nothing could change it. Students are at the computers working on assignments, or sitting in the comfy chairs in the back corner reading. Either way the library is a nice getaway from all the stress of high school.

The girls’ hockey team went to Lasalle and won their game, only to travel back to Sudbury the very next day to go against Lively High. Good job to our girls hockey team!

On January 9, the school had its winter formal. Everyone was dressed up and dancing like there was no tomorrow. The energy in the gym was ecstatic, as glamourous girls and handsome boys danced for three hours!

On the first day of exams, there is a pyjama day, students and teachers alike will be showing up for exams in their fuzzy winter pyjamas.

Getting excited for second semester are we? Well just to make everyone even more excited, band is starting up in second semester. Vocal group and band will both be hard at work preparing for their performances throughout the rest of the year.

With the school vibrating with energy, students studying for tests, and teachers marking away, everyone is preparing for a fresh start. ‘Till next time, stay golden Mustangs!