Tehkummah Talk and Times

Today I looked back over the tracks and trails I had left in the deep snow, the tracks weren’t smooth. The trails were crooked, as I had walked to the spruce and dropped some stale cookies and apple peelings.

I made a trail to the bird feeder, then to the can where I store the sunflower seeds, and back, then to the compost heap where there were birds waiting to see what I was leaving there. My trails though crooked are kind of like life. We are all travelling so many directions in a lifetime, and the snow wasfalling and filling in behind, too, like life, as we go on, each day has something more to fill our minds and so send us in another direction, whether it’s in thought, in family gains or family losses. Today I kicked the snow aside and kept going, and isn’t that all any of us can do?

May your paths run straight in 2015.

Pat Hall, January 6, 2015

Thursday afternoon- Four tables for euchre, a fun bunch and a great lunch. Men’s high, Betty-Jean Bailey, 73; lone hands, Raymond Chatwell, 3; men’s low, Dennis Sauder, 48; ladies’ high, Irene Montgomery, 76; lone hands, Pat Novak, 4; ladies’ low, Margaret McCarthy, 49; and door, Linda B.

I went to Mom’s after and beat her two of three cribbage games, then walked home from there in an awful snow storm. Dorothy challenged Mom on Wednesday, she came out on top.

I called Mollie in the morning; she was doing okay there in Elliot Lake. Hello Pat Leeson and Don and Betty King; my sister Peg’s birthday on the 18th.

Santa Claus came again, and the birthday fairies keep bring cards, letters and lovely gifts, thank you, thank you.

Get well wishes to Wilbert Overfield, lots of folks down with the flu bug, Pauline had a bad go of it.

Walking at the Tehkummah Hall Monday-Friday, 10-11 am.

On Friday Susan and Simon drove Mom and I to Mindemoya for our Chinese food at the Roosterant. Toots was awaiting her Red Hat group (a large gang) and Murray was awaiting on Toots. So we got to congratulate Murray on his H.H. award! At the table next to ours Jean and Art Addison (Penny’s family), we said hello too.

Joan and Russ, Mary and Floyd were nearby, I didn’t notice them until they were all leaving (sorry I didn’t say hello). That evening Cal called so we went through a blinding snowstorm to Carol’s and Earl’s, a few other brave souls were there too: Loretta, Jack and Anita (had just got back from Cuba?), Sharlene and Jim just returned from Cuba, Allen and Glenda, not much snow down their way or at Cal’s either that evening.

I forgot to mention last column Cole’s girlfriend Alicia was home for holidays from Saskatchewan where she is going to college.

It’s dark, yes, and the two-foot overhang of snow curtain isn’t helping any. I want to hibernate for the rest of the winter. I photographed the huge snow pillows mounded on the birdhouses and summer feeder. The snow is higher than my knees to get to the nearest feeders, I am totally exhausted after one trip out and back, and it’s like my whole days work “done” in one. But there are lots of hungry birds, minimum twenty chickadees. They are so quick and difficult to number, at least forty goldfinches and purple Finches, Jays come and go (??) and four cardinals brighten up the snow scene. A couple of days back some evening grosbeaks called and four (?) crows came to the compost area, a couple of upside down birds, nuthatches.

I made a large container of belly warming peanut butter birdseed, rolled oats, raisins and bacon fat, to hang out on the Pole. Oh No! It’s snowing again! Already a couple of feet on the roof of my van. My hot chocolate has cooled while I do the “write” thing!!

Sherry and Lori went to the memorial tribute to Gwen’s life at the L.C. Island Funeral Home on Saturday. Sherry said the heart-warming stories and the huge gathering showed how much she was loved and respected.

Mom and I went to Carol’s and Earl’s after the Fairview church service today, joined by Mary, Susan and Simon, Martin and Lynda.

Our Sr. UCW meeting will be held at Pauline’s on the 20th.

This Thursday evening 8pm, the euchre tournament at the Hall (the third Thursday of every month) otherwise Thursday afternoons 1:30pm for regular Euchre.

Today’s church sermon was on our genealogy and our Fathers influence.

Not even a month until our Valentine Tea!