MSS kids in the Hall

Walking into the halls of MSS this week, a wave of silence would come crashing. Exams finally stepped into the school! For any students who didn’t have an exam and showed up anyway, there was a very supervised school. The library was crowded with students studying for upcoming exams. The cafeteria was also crowded, but the environment was much less serious, and everyone was quizzing their friends, telling chemistry jokes, and having a good morning.

With the second semester coming up, teachers are getting their classrooms prepared and students are dumping out their binders and getting rid of all their old papers. Transitions into the new classes might be a trauma to Grade 9s. What if they get lost, or walk into the wrong classroom? It is like the first day of school all over again! But in fact, there have been five months to learn to navigate the school. Almost everyone will be able to get to classes without issues.

Some students have been waiting for second semester extracurricular activities. Senior band is getting ready for their next performance and vocal group is singing up a storm and has received new music for the second semester. All the sports coming up are already sweating with anticipation. Volleyball, basketball, and hockey seasons will be quickly heading to playoffs. Soon, badminton will be starting up.

The school musical Oklahoma! is opening in two weeks! Actors and actresses are running lines at lunch and in the halls, and late buses are filled with after-school rehearsal goers. With the show just around the corner the band will be practising with the cast soon, and tickets are now on sale all over the Island.

Semester one report cards will be in the mail soon, and students will be setting new goals in their new classes. It is hard to believe that half the school year is already behind us. ‘Til next week, stay golden Mustangs!