Tehkummah Talk and Times

On Tuesday afternoon the Triangle Club birthday party was held at the Hall. Due to illness, accidents and icy conditions, we didn’t have too many show up. But some great music from Lori and her guitar cheered us up, with a few sing-a-longs. Mary made a delicious birthday cake and Reta (the birthday girl) wasn’t there because of the above reasons, get well soon all. We had a couple of readings and a game “Name the Blues,” and they did! I went from there to Pauline’s where I should have been if I’d remembered my own commitments in the first place! She was hostess for the Sr. U.C.W. meeting which turned into afternoon tea and visiting time, also due to the prior reasons. Lets hope February is a better month health wise, for all. Bert Bosje couldn’t go for his surgery due to infection so I hope that is soon cleared up. It’s strange how busy I seem even when I’m not, if you know what I mean! Mom is still coughing but on antibiotics, she said she felt better though. On Wednesday I stopped in after bible study at Pat Novak’s house, a slight delay because the guys got their exercise digging “lots” when the lane got blocked by a car. Of course it doesn’t matter where you go there is always food involved.

I met a cute young lady called Jovi (I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling) at Lakeview on Tuesday evening. Ray, Sherry and I got a stove, which is now with a working oven.

Lord, I’ve been tired, and I’m sleeping late, unusual for me but… I talked to Mollie and John on the phone on Tuesday morning, Cal was in for a hello on Wednesday, he’s always passing through. I’m writing this at 4 in the morning, I read the clock wrong?

I saw a truck go by this morning with big, giant stones on, I said to the cats, “surely it’s not going to catch the ferry?” Maybe drive across on the ice, ha, makes one wonder!

The S.B.C.D.A. newsletter came out this week. Thank you for these pages of historical value. This issue highlights the Family Brown- fifty years in business.

Thursday afternoon, four tables for euchre. Graham, 79 and 3 lone hands; Simon, low, 50; Sheila, 72 high; Lyla, ladies lone hands, 3; Audrie, low, 47; door, Lyla. Margaret had assistance putting lunch out, thank you.

Raymond Chatwell says Sharon is home for a couple weeks or so, and Rhonda was home on the weekend.

We’ve since heard that Reta’s fall resulted in a cracked bone.

Mary Ann (Pilon) welcome home, glad to hear you are well again.

Friday afternoon I went to Manitowaning euchre with Dorothy (Cronk), always a fun event. (Their next tournament is February 27th at 1:30pm.) Shirley Viney was my partner, we had a lot of laughs with our opponents; always good to see friends, eh? I just nicely got through the door when Cal called, so once again through the snow (roads not the best) to Carol’s and Earl’s. We had a great across the room visit with Lynn and Fred (Fry). Earl’s dad was not very good when they were down last week.

Good to say hello to “Ruth and Bue” this week. Wow, so many birds but too many blue jays.

Now I’ve got a stove and a range hood thanks to Ray; with some awkward positions for that tall body installing the hood!

(Monday) Cal phoned to see if I was still alive this morning; I feel much better today, yesterday was a P.J. day. I had Mom’s bad cough and sore throat, I’m sure I’ve been through all the phases now! What I’m very pleased with is these brighter days and longer daylight hours. Mom asked had I been sitting outside yet? Pretty chilly today but I’m sure February will find me out there drinking coffee and bird watching. I guess the deer were active, I see one of the bird feeders hooked-up.

I started my day off with a bowl of homemade beef soup. Sis Susan always comes through the door bearing get-well soups usually; she’s way more thoughtful than I. She had a severe headache this week. Thursday evening Meals on Wheels called in, thank you very much, so very nice. Barb had a cute young assistant.

Tavis (my grandson from Gore Bay) stopped in to visit me on Sunday morning. He and Alicia were joining my neighbours at Sherry and Dave’s for supper. We didn’t get to see Tav at all over the holidays.

Thanks for the nice card Jean.

Hello Bev (Hyde), thinking of you.