MSS students raise Red Cross funds to aid Ukrainians’ plight

Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) student Hailey Ferguson, a member of the Share/Go-Green Committee, organized a very successful fundraiser for Ukraine, last week.

M’CHIGEENG—The Manitoulin Secondary School (MSS) Share/Go-Green committee held a very successful fundraiser for Ukraine, which has had to defend its war-torn country during the ongoing Russian siege.

“I had been watching the news coverage and saw what Russia is doing to Ukraine, and that no other countries are helping them in their fight against Russia,” said Hailey Ferguson. “Ukrainian citizens in the country, including the Ukrainian president, are involved in the war, fighting for their country.”

“And, I’ve even heard the Russian army has been bombing children’s hospitals, and a lot of other bad things,” said Ms. Ferguson, a Grade 10 student. “A lot of families had to leave family members, pets and their friends behind to fend for themselves.”

At an MSS/Share Go-Green committee meeting, “I was at the meeting and said I felt we should be doing something to help Ukraine,” said Ms. Ferguson. Along with the committee, she helped organize a candy draw where for $1, students and staff could guess how much candy is in the jar.

“We will be holding the candy draw until Thursday and then will be holding a cookie/bake sale,” said Ms. Ferguson. “We’re only holding these in our cafeteria, as a school, and we are hoping once word gets out what are doing, other people in the community will also make a donation to the Red Cross to support Ukraine.”

“Hailey came up with the idea,” said MSS teacher Chris Theijsmeijer. “She then talked to Yana Bauer and the members of the Share/Go-Green fundraising committee. And for the bake sale, for instance, there were four or five students helping her out.” 

“It is great what Hailey and the committee are doing,” said Mr. Theijsmeijer.

Through their fundraising efforts, a total of $370 was raised for Ukraine.