NEMI responds to closure of Cup and Saucer trail

The Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands – It has been brought to the Municipality’s attention that Don Eadie Construction Ltd. has placed a barricade across the entrance to the Cup and Saucer Trail and posted it as private property, effectively denying the public access to the rest of the trail.

Mayor Al MacNevin has expressed Council’s concern with this development and would like to assure the Community that he and Council will take every reasonable step to resolve this issue. “Council is going to take immediate action to find a solution to this problem” said Mayor MacNevin, “We recognise the importance of the Trail to the entire Island and we intend to work closely with our Community Partners and the parties directly involved to see if we can broker a solution, or find an alternative trail that does not cross over Mr. Eadie’s property. In the interim, we encourage the public to respect the private landowner’s wishes and not trespass on his property.” he said.

The Cup and Saucer represents one of the premier hiking trails in Northern Ontario. It includes twelve kilometres of hiking trails, a two-kilometre adventure trail and numerous breathtaking views from the top of its 70-meter cliffs. Historically, the trail has been made available through the efforts of the Manitoulin Tourism Association and the generous donation of the use of their properties by Don Eadie Construction Ltd., Randy Noble, Meredith Noble and the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy.