New Horizons Funding will support Island seniors

Senior man in hat throwing a boules while his friends look on. Two old men and a woman playing a game of boules in a lawn on a sunny day.

MANITOULIN—A total of five municipalities, First Nations and organizations on Manitoulin Island are receiving New Horizons funding through the federal government, to support seniors in their communities.

On May 16, Kamal Khera, Canada’s Minister of Seniors, announced an investment of $61.34 million to fund over 3,000 community-based projects to support seniors across the country. This funding was awarded through the most recent call for proposals for community-based projects through the new horizons for seniors’ program (NHSP).

“Every year, the (NHSP) for senior program makes a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors across Canada,” said Minister Khera. “I am thrilled that we are funding thousands of projects across the country focused on improving the quality of life of seniors. These projects will help seniors fight social isolation, combat seniors’ fraud, and will support healthy aging in an inclusive and accessible environment. By supporting these community-based projects we are taking action to ensure that seniors are empowered and have a strong presence in their communities.”

The Township of Assiginack has received $19,400 for the ‘bringing pickleball to everyone on Manitoulin’ program. Seniors involved with the organization will provide pickleball lessons, helping seniors and youth to stay active, which will promote social participation and inclusion of seniors.

The Township of Tehkummah has received funding of $17,170 for the nutritional healthy snacks with fitness and sports for seniors and elders’ program. The organization will purchase fitness equipment to allow seniors to exercise and remain active, which will promote their well-being and social inclusion.

The NEMI Public Library received $25,000 for the senior ‘Creating Opportunities for More Patrons to Access Support Services (COMPASS) program. Seniors involved with the organization will develop a virtual reality system and a book program to promote volunteerism and social participation, and to prevent elder abuse.

The Silver Water recreation centre hall board received $16,326 for a Silver Water Memorial Community Hall upgrade for post-COVID use. The organization will purchase computers, laptops and internet service for the hall and offer digital training to seniors to promote the social participation and inclusion of seniors.

The Whitefish River First Nation is to receive $25,000. The funding will be used for the Gekaanyag Bimaadzawin 2022 (Elders Good Life of Living) seniors to participate in lifestyle mentoring and workshops by other senior and professionals to promote seniors’ participation.