New Kagawong fire truck is a welcome purchase to business owner

To the Expositor:

It was with pleasure that I read the article, and saw the picture of our mayor and dedicated volunteer staff, with the new fire truck a few weeks ago (January 16, page 1). Many residents were able to see the new truck at Kagawong’s Winterfest. I have heard from others that the general consensus are that most are well pleased with this purchase.

With the increasingly dry summer weather affecting us all, and the close call with the grass fire at the Kagawong cemetery last summer, it is good to know we have a new fire truck. With the purchase of this new truck, both volunteers fighting fires and residents can be assured that they are being well taken care of in the future.

As for the used fire truck; as a business owner I have also purchased used equipment to preserve capital, and such equipment usually provides many years of service. However, they are no guarantees, and life being what it is, we must all carry on and persevere with what life throws at us, good or bad. Thank goodness our township staff has the good sense to do what is best for our residents of the township.

Thanks to our mayor and councillors for job well done.

Barry Hunter and family
Kagawong and Dorchester