An ode to the beauty of Manitoulin Island

To the Expositor:

I was thinking how best to let you know about the beauty we share on Manitoulin Island.

I felt the need to write to encourage visitors and residents alike to come and see our beautiful land in all of its seasons. I love the summer time and the warm long days and nights. But autumn is the best time for me, the mosquitoes and blackflies are long gone.

The fall colours are bright and crisp, the summer birds are heading south, the beaches and rocky shore lines are empty, but not lifeless or boring.

I am still walking at various places and still collecting my eagle feathers.

There is so much I wish I could describe, the awesome views, the lake vistas, the high cliffs.

Yes, we are harnessing the wind and the technology that goes along with it. Will it succeed? I don’t know.

But I’d rather see turbines than any of the other alternatives like coal-fired electricity generating plants and all of that pollution in the air.

Nor would I like to see the disaster unfolding in Fukushima ever happen here. I hope and pray that the Japanese people find a way to contain that mess.

It seems that every attempt at a solution has its inherent problems.

I don’t think that’s a reason to withhold services or complain, one can if they want too, too each their own I guess. Maybe it’s healthy debate or discussion!

There is still beauty here, it’s like the grandeur of say the Rocky Mountains or the Grand Canyon only smaller.

So keep coming back, you are always welcome, help out our shops and stables and artists.

Take care!
David Migwans