Old Mill Heritage Centre Military Display hosts thousands of items

KAGAWONG—The Old Mill Heritage Centre is bringing the past alive for a new generation with its annual Military Display, slated to begin on November 1.

“We are really excited about this year’s Military Display,” said Old Mill Heritage Centre Curator Rick Nelson. “This is the largest display of items from the WWII period we have ever had. There are lots more than we had last year.”

ww2 motorcycle
Local military artifacts collector Christian Shoebridge is providing his WWII Harley Davidson available for display at the Military Exhibit

Among the displays will be a vintage WWII Harley Davidson motorcycle on loan from collector Christian Shoebridge. The 1943 Harley Davidson will be joined by a #19 radio set from a Sherman tank, an autographed copy of ‘Mein kampf’ that came from the Hans Frank library. Mr. Frank was Hitler’s lawyer and it was rumored that the copy was a gift from Hitler to Mr. Frank.  Included in the display is a complete collection of every gun the Canadian forces used during the Second World War, a set of surveying equipment for making trench maps during the First World War, a large display of medal groupings along with lots of original photos, paintings and documents that have never been shown.

In an exclusive for the museum, those photographs include an autographed photo of General Bernard Montgomery, explained Mr. Nelson, adding that “we will line the walls with them.”

There will also be a large bayonet and edged weapon display, a Boer War exhibit, a gas mask exhibit covering a century of use plus many more Nazi artifacts and mannequins than last year.

The display will take place from November 1 to the 11, from noon to 4 pm. The November 11 opening will follow the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Kagawong. Admission is free.