Other avenues to be explored for $10,000 shortfall for arena roof


GORE BAY – With the local arena being a big part of the community, and an asset, Gore Bay town council decided to look at other avenues it has at its disposal to pay off additional tender costs of over $95,000 for work on the arena roof now, rather than wait another year and let the condition of the roof become worse. Even with that the town has a shortfall of about $10,000 that would have to come out of general revenues. 

“What is the condition of the (arena) roof,” asked Councillor Jack Clark at a special Gore Bay Council meeting held September 23. 

“There has been leaking from the roof into the changerooms for a few years and the public works staff has been doing what they can to keep the area dry so that there won’t be any mould,” said town clerk Stasia Carr. She said public works foreman Roger Chenard has recommended that the work should be carried out this year, and not leave it for next year.

Mayor Dan Osborne said, “The roof has been leaking for a number of years, and bandaid solutions have been used in the past to keep things going. Public works can probably patch the arena for another winter, but it would not be good for the arena. By putting off this work for this year it would just put this off into next year and we would still have to find the funds to have the work done.”  

Originally the town had awarded the tender for the work on the arena roof at a total of $86,310.53 to Lignum Builders Ltd. for the repair. However, this did not include the labour and equipment which is another $95,713.26.

It was pointed out the town had received government grant funding of $100,000 for the Buoy’s building roof, marina roof and arena roof (with all of the work done on the other roof projects).

“We have grant money to carry out this work?” asked Mr. Clark. 

Council was told they could take funds of $36,500 from its capital costing which will leave a shortfall of $60,000. The town had also received funding of $150,000 from a Municipal Modernization accessibility grant that had been designed to be used for the Gore Bay Medical Centre.

“So, we could use $50,000 of that funding, and that would leave $10,000 remaining that we would have to find in general revenues that we would have to look at,” said Councillor Clark.

Councillor Kevin Woestenenk suggested that possibly the Western Manitoulin Hockey Association (WMHA) and other local service groups like the Lions, Rotary and Royal Canadian Legion could be asked if they would like to support the project, or to put on a fundraiser on, instead of $10,000 having to be taken out of the town’s general revenue.

“It won’t make things easier to put this work off for another year,” stated Councillor Clark.

Council passed a motion, moved by Councillor Jack Clark and seconded by Councillor Ken Blodgett, that reads in part, “council proceed with the approval of the arena tender and allocate the remainder of $36,500 from capital costing from the following items: culvert inspections, basement shelving, ice plant hydro control system, boardwalk shore plan erosion, harbour centre landscaping. Further, $50,000 from the Municipal Modernization Fund be used towards the arena roof repair. And further, the remainder outstanding balance for the roof repair is paid for from general revenue.”

“We have to find another $10,000 somewhere, or it will have to come out of our general revenues,” Mayor Osborne told The Expositor after the meeting. “So, something will suffer if we are not able to find the $10,000 in general revenues.”