Outgoing MHC board chair reflects on past year

Manitoulin Health Centre

MANITOULIN—The Manitoulin Health Centre (MHC) board of directors has voted in a new chairperson, among other changes to its executive.

After the MHC annual general meeting last month, the meeting was turned over to MHC co-CEOs Tim Vine and Paula Fields. Mr. Vine declared all positions vacant.

Mr. Vine called for nominations from the board for chair. Outgoing board chair Terry Olmstead put forward board member Dennis McGregor’s name for chair with board member Debby Turner seconding the nomination.

A second candidate was nominated, with board member Barb Baker nominating fellow board member Jane Hohenadel, with the latter respectfully declining.

“With one nominee left, Dennis McGregor has been elected chair of the MHC board of directors,” noted Mr. Vine. “Congratulations, Dennis.”
Mr. McGregor, in accepting the nomination stated, “thank you one and all for your support.”

“This has been a trying year,” Mr. McGregor continued. “I would like to thank Terry (Olmstead) for guiding the board through the past year. I would also like to thank Angela Becks (board member and fundraising chair, who has resigned) for your many years of dedicated service to the board.”
Nominations were then accepted for the position of vice-chair with Jane Hohenadel being nominated and accepting the nomination.

A motion was also accepted by the board to nominate Tim Vine and Paula Fields to add to their roles of co-CEOs by continuing their efforts in the role of treasurer (Mr. Vine) and secretary (Ms. Fields). They both accepted the nomination. 

The current executive committee will remain in place until the first board meeting to be held this September.

Earlier in the meeting, outgoing chair Terry Olmstead addressed the board. “It is my honour and pleasure to be able to report to you again this year as chair of the board of directors.”

“On this date in 2020 we were five months into the worst virus in 100 year and to say it was a unique year is understating the obvious. Here we are a year later just starting to see a light ahead of us,” said Mr. Olmstead.

“Let us begin by recognizing the exceptional care our staff, physicians and volunteers have continued to provide to our patients and their families this year. In spite of the incredible pressure of living with COVD-19. We cannot thank you enough for your courage and over the top effort again this year,” said Mr. Olmstead.

“As your board, we are not only directors, but we are community members, volunteers and patients ourselves,” said Mr. Olmstead. “Our skills-based membership has representatives from across the entire district and regions we serve, dedicated to represent our communities as we act in the best interest of the Manitoulin Health Centre and lead by example in highlighting our values of respect, passion and truth.”

“In these times of health care transformation, our vision of ‘putting patients first, as we lead and collaborate with our partners’ takes on a different kind of significance as we look to our partners to see how we can better collaborate to improve the system for our patients. Our board is ready to support these changes as we work with our communities to continue to keep our patients at the centre of all we do,” continued Mr. Olmstead.

“Special thanks to Tim Vine and Paula Fields, both of whom answered the call and stepped in to assume increased leadership roles along with their current duties. Their respective teams have worked diligently to strengthen the MHC and the Manitoulin Collaborative, which continues to a living, breathing reality. Our Collaborative is still leading the pack. Congratulations,” stated Mr. Olmstead.

“I would like to take this opportunity to offer my personal thanks and appreciation to my fellow board members for their volunteer commitment of time to MHC,” continued Mr. Olmstead. “Thank you for all you do to support the high quality care we provide here at the Manitoulin Health Centre and for remaining supportive during some of the difficult work we faced this year. Thanks, Dennis for keeping me on track.”

“Dr. Simone Meikleham, chief of staff, and Dr. Maurianne Reade, president of medical staff, have contributed both their time and expertise to help push Manitoulin’s immunization program to the forefront. Thank you both,” said Mr. Olmstead.

“Unfortunately, we lost Sharon Terry and Don Brisboise as members of the board this year. We appreciate their contributions as members over the past year and wish them well. We have added knowledge and skills to the board with the addition of Marcia-Trudeau Bomberry from Wiikwemkoong. Welcome.”

Mr. Olmstead explained, “the auxiliary groups in Mindemoya and Little Current have continued to drive forward but COVID-19 restrictions prevented many of their fundraising events again this year. However, we commend them for pushing through this frustration and keeping their heart in the game. Thank you for all your efforts in this difficult time. It will pay off.”

“I would also like to extend a huge thank you on behalf of the board to Lori Mastelko and Lee Ann Fawcett. Once again they kept us organized and on time,” said Mr. Olmstead. “Thank you Lori and Lee Ann, your assistance is truly appreciated.”

Mr. Olmstead said, “the focus this year was squarely on fundraising for the Mindemoya emergency department expansion. Angela Becks and her fundraising team have made tremendous progress and we are now only 16 percent away from our ultimate target. We will miss Angela as she is not renewing her membership. A special thanks as well to Sal Brunetti for this contributions to the fundraising effort.”

Mr. Olmsead stated, “it has been a privilege and an honour to serve as your chair for the last five years but I have reached the maximum term as chair. I will be remaining as a director. I have learned a great deal during this time and enjoyed working with my fellow board members.”

“At this time, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to again express our gratitude to all of our dedicated staff, doctors and volunteers. It is through your dedication, hard work and caring hearts that MHC will achieve ‘patients first.’ You truly are heroes,” Mr. Olmstead added.