Plans are to install new water gauges this month, says consultant

KAGAWONG—A consultant working for Oakville Enterprises says that water gauges will be installed in areas throughout Kagawong in the near future.

This comes after the Recorder contacted Bill Touzel following a discussion on this issue at a Billings Township council meeting last week.

“I’m concerned, and other people are concerned, because at the meetings with the company in August and November the representatives of Oakville Enterprises said they would be taking action on the water gauges. Local people are concerned because we are still waiting for the water markers  to be installed. It’s too bad they have not moved ahead of this by now,” said Billings Councillor Brian Parker at the council meeting.

It was pointed out by Billings Clerk Kathy McDonald that Oakville Enterprises has indicated that the process has started. “They are still hoping to have the water gauges  in place in November.”

“I just wonder why no action has been taken on this by now,” said Mr. Parker. “It has been several months since they outlined their plan.”

“They (Oakville Enterprises) had said the water gauges would be in place in November,” said Ms. McDonald.

Councillor Sharon Alkenbrack questioned if the company has had someone clear the debris over the spillway on the road by the dam. She also pointed out the water level on the river has come up.

Mr. Parker agreed but cautioned, “the levels have come up quite a bit, but the overall water levels are still low.”

“At the meeting October 11, we had a good, productive and open conversation,” Mr. Touzel told The Recorder. “We told everyone we would be replacing all the water level gauges at the lake, at the dam, and be adding one where the road crosses and leads to the intake. There will  be an automated one at the intake beside the fire hall.”

“All the equipment has now been ordered,” said Mr. Touzel. “As soon as the equipment arrives a technician at Pinchin will select the best day for this work to be carried out. But yet, our intention is to replace the gauges in the next month as the weather cooperates.”

Mr. Touzel continued, “we’ve been talking to several people on dealing with the issue of the beaver debris at the spillway on the road by the dam, and what is collecting at the base of it. We acknowledge this needs to be managed better. And we have talked to a local contractor about getting this resolved. That is the plan.”

Mr. Touzel said, “we know there is a big pull at the lake, and as dry as the summer was; it is unfortunate we can’t manufacture rain.” He added, “I will be up there in the next week to 10 days when we expect Pinchin will be installing the new water gauges.”