Proroguing Parliament will not change the channel for PM, Hughes

KAPUSKASING—Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament looks like an attempt to avoid accountability and provide the answers Canadian deserve, says local MP Carol Hughes.

“After showing up in the Commons only five times during the last five weeks of the spring session, the prime minister wants to shut down Parliament until October,” said Ms. Hughes. “He’s only delaying the inevitable and will still have to answer some tough questions no matter when it resumes.”

Ms. Hughes is concerned that Canadians are becoming disillusioned with politics as the prime minister attempts to avoid scrutiny for as long as possible in the wake of scandal.

“This is the fourth time Stephen Harper has prorogued Parliament to buy himself time,” said Ms. Hughes.  “But questions related to the lavish spending of senators, the $90,000 cheque from Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff to Senator Mike Duffy and the role of the prime minister’s office in that scandal  need to be answered.”

Ms. Hughes feels the tactic won’t work and that the answers Canadians are demanding will have to be provided no matter when Parliament resumes.

“I think (NDP leader) Tom Mulcair has it right,” said Ms. Hughes. “Putting a padlock on the doors of Parliament will not silence us. Mr. Harper can run but he cannot hide.”