Providence Bay beach a growing concern

Need for action is compellingly clear

To the Expositor:

Being born and raised in Providence Bay has left me with fond memories of our beach and its sand where I once spent many happy hours. This memory has sustained me throughout my life. In my latest attempts to walk along the shore, where I once enjoyed the vast panorama of sand, I now find nothing but roots, grass and marshy swamp. It is now virtually impossible to walk along the water’s edge.

What has caused such a calamitous change? I hear talk of environment protection and the need for preservation. I am certain we are all in favour of preserving our heritage however, for some reason, the preservation of the original expanse of sand is not included or considered in any decision process. Who, then, is responsible for the current type of attention, or lack of it, that is being given to this once very desirable area? Is the current condition by choice?

This letter is my attempt to draw attention to a need for action in the hopes of recapturing and reclaiming this most desirable, great and important resource.

I do take this opportunity to commend council for their efforts adjacent to the centre. The beach playground there is most assuredly a great addition to our community.

A concerned community member,

Elaine Lawrence (nee Ainslie)

Providence Bay