Providence Bay News and Notes

Hello everyone, how was your week?

We saw Abe Oakes wearing his Toronto Maple Leafs coat the other day. He only wears it when the Leafs win, and of course it is in immaculate condition.

The Children’s Story Hour is still on at the Mindemoya Library every Saturday. The hours are l:30 to 2:30 pm. All are welcome.

New computer classes are starting in May, the dates will follow. Everyone is welcome. The classes are free.

Our computer technician is available at the Mindemoya Library Wednesday mornings from l0 am to l2 pm. If you have any questions they can be answered. All are welcome.

Belated Happy Birthday to George Popowich.

Blair Sullivan invited us to the Roosterant on Saturday. The special was a whitefish dinner and it was excellent.

Remember our seniors and veterans. Help them if you live near them.

Call me if you have any news, ask for Gloria (705) 377-4449

Have a great week. God bless until next time.