Tehkummah Talk and Times

There’s no doubt in my mind that I will get another special phone call this day; a lovely call from friend Jean (Livingston) from Hamilton this morning. She’s worried about me as I always tell you all my ailments, etc., in my column! She sounds good and has been busy too. Bill and Beryl are still with her there, Bill recuperating from a horse and buggy incident and Beryl from shoulder surgery. So hope all is better there soon. (The cat Ginger is bumping my arm as I try to write, not easy.)

Bet (Bosje) woke me with a phone call this morning but I should have been up. He/they were worried about me too, but longer days I’m sure (longer daylight!!) is making me feel much better. Bert sounded good and had got a good report from his doctor.

What a good crowd at bingo last evening and Mom whomped me at cribbage during the day! (We won’t talk about our skunks!) My house seems damp and cold this morning, stone houses always predict temperature change. The colder it is outside, the warmer in?? Yes.

Sympathy to all, as with sadness I noted Jeremy’s death (shocked). He’s Jacob’s second cousin. I always got him to sing and play his guitar there at the store for me.

Well it is noon, you’d be impressed with my breakfast of macaroni salad, sweet pickled onions, hot chocolate and a box of chocolates, don’t panic it’s one of those little ones that hold four. Now I don’t get an energy boost with this, or a tummy ache, (but it did taste good). I had supper at Mom’s again last night. She fed me after me beating her at cards, only by one though. After I got home Thursday evening we fitted three games in, in an hour. I was “not” the winner!

We had a lovely day (cold though) for driving and the roads were excellent. Dave and Sherry picked me up before eight and we got to Elliot Lake about a half an hour before the memorial service for Jim Reckahn. As families go, the whole clan fit into the front pew: Marg, Ken, Ray, Tara, Jacob, Skylar and Billie, with Marg’s brother Bruce Ott. The tributes were wonderful and so humorously done, by a friend, Barry Hunter. John (Novak) gave us more insight into Jim’s life, work and lack of sense of smell, and his stone. Moving attributes, Ray’s story of a fifty-foot rope and a snowmobile tow were hilarious. Marg touched on their life together, standing between her two sons, wonderful tributes. A large group came together, friends of their involvement in the Elliot Lake community and Marg’s church family from the New Life Pentecostal Church. A wonderful lunch was served.

We sat with Rick, Shiela and Fred Armstrong, and Pat and John Novak were the only other Islanders (that I knew). Jenny’s brother talked to Dave; Tara, Ray and the family went back to Marg’s to visit and Ken and (Uncle) Bruce were going to drive back to B.C., leaving Friday morning. We stopped in Espanola to do a bit of shopping and got home here after five-thirty (I think).

My daughter called to say “I love you,” important words we don’t say often enough! (Tell someone now!)

(Cat) Cleo got herself locked out on Saturday. When I stopped in on my way by, she was glad to get in. She had a real hole dug in the snow by the door, and bloody footprints, (she worked hard).

Friday- this morning two calls from Elliot Lake in a row from Pat (Leeson, my cousin) and she wishes to thank everyone for the cards and letters she has received this past week or so, she really appreciated them. Then a call from Mollie who said she and John are heading in our direction today. One of these days I’ll drive up there myself and hang around to visit.

When you’re inside the Hall, like for Winter Fun Weekend, you don’t know what’s going on outside. Sure looked fun, thanks for the good coverage. The Jr. U.C.W. does the pancake and everything breakfast for these events (you gave our Sr. group credit) and I’m sure I didn’t put your name wrong Wendy Noble! (Sorry.)

I don’t think I should have started watching Secrets and Lies, I hope I’m not already addicted.

Gave myself a manicure and pedicure this morning after my bath, tried to draw shamrocks on my big toenails which kind of look more like someone stepped on my toes. It’s not as easy to do nail art as it used to be?

Last evening we went to Susan and Simon’s for supper. Mollie and John picked up Mom and I; Pauline, Wayne and Cal came along. Mollie and John brought KFC and Susan baked spuds, delicious supper. A game of Oh Crap! afterwards. I didn’t say that even once, just grimaced every time I had to give Wayne my “good” cards. Mollie won.

Jace (Gordon) has a birthday right around now? Happy birthday great nephew!

“Dogs have masters, cats have staff” (I think that was the right quote Mary?)

“Top of the morning to ye,” Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Happy birthday Brian McCarthy and happy anniversary Sheila and Raymond (McKenzie). 60 years ago St. Paddy’s Day, a Tuesday it was, I was married in the Manse in Little Current. Mom and Dad, Helen and Herb stood up with us, we had a flat tire in Sheg, Herb or Dad couldn’t change the tire so Seward had to on our way to tie the knot (noose) get married!

Sunday- well I’m best card player today, beating Mom three of four games (close all). We went to Fairview Church in the (ahead time) morning. Mary Yett introduced herself as the newest “Tehkummaniac,” moving to her home on the “Range” this weekend, during her sermon on permaculture, her passion. We all should leave a “softer” footprint on our world (excellent topic). We, Pauline, Wayne, Kathy, Terry, Mom, Mary and I, met at “Carol’s and Earl’s” after the service. Today at church I met Evan’s girlfriend Steph.

Yesterday afternoon I was winning at cards when Mollie called. She and John said to come to Susan and Simon’s for leftovers. They were good. We got into a game of “Oh Crap” (John was sleeping, he took a dizzy spell), Mollie, Mom, Simon and I, when Cal came along and I left them in mid-game so I could go and watch him eat! Later, a cribbage game with Cole and him, I might have won two of three?

Barry O’Neil is away having treatments; Mary and he are with their daughter. Susan and Simon took in the dinner dance fundraiser at the curling club Saturday night.

Jan McQuay, I talked to her at Carol’s and Earl’s today (Sunday). She walked out to the ice caves and took some photos (play it safe folks!).

A phone call from Helen (Oswald) this morning, always cheers. She had been to the Anchor Inn for supper Sunday evening celebrating a family birthday. Elizabeth came home to surprise her mom too. Helen says the crabapple tree had a half a dozen cedar waxwings this week, seems early? Cal had some whiskey jacks down his way, helping themselves to the dog food (grey jays). I like them; they look like large sized chickadees.

Signs are up for the Easter Egg Hunt here in Tehkummah, Easter will be here before we know it, yipee! Spring (I hope) comes first!!

Talking to Marg on the phone this morning (Monday), she’s busy, a church board meeting already this morning.