Providence Bay News and Notes

The Providence Bay Civic Square has been approved by council and our first work bee will begin at 12 noon and run until 4 pm on Saturday, June 27 at the hall. Volunteers are welcome to help carry brush, wood, plant a nursery area for existing perennials or bring a truck or trailer for the removal of the debris. There will be a potluck barbecue at Mary-Jo and Alex’s after the work is completed. For a copy of the work plan summer schedule please contact Mary-Jo or Alex at 705-377-4755.

A beautiful Husky got away from its owner last Sunday and went after the geese and their goslings swimming in the bay and almost drowned. If it wasn’t for Mitchell Varey and his family from Little Current being there… Mitchell swam out after the dog, which was still after the birds, and finally coaxed the dog to shore. Ingrid, in the meantime, had called the marina for help. Ken got Captain Ryan and Evelyn to stop cleaning fish and go out to try to rescue the dog. They arrived just minutes after the dog made it out to shore. Big thanks to Mitchell, Ryan and Evelyn for their help. Also if you are visiting, there’s a fish mounted by the fishing platform for people to have their picture taken. You can say you caught a big one.

Bob Jones, the new butcher at Manitoulin Meats, and his fiancé Kat are looking for a house in Providence Bay to rent. Carol Madden and her husband Dave Zaluski are still here overseeing the construction of their beautiful new cottage. Kerri (Cranston) and her husband Steve Barclay are up to their summer home.

Homecoming Weekend is July 3 to 5 in Mindemoya with tickets for the elimination dance and draw still available by calling Lion Marg Jones at 705-377-6644.

The Community of Christ barbecue and scavenger hunt was a huge success. There was lots of food and everyone got involved in the scavenger hunt. Remember our seniors and veterans. Have a great week. God Bless.