Providence Bay News and Notes

This weekend was rather interesting with a power outage that was caused by a hydro pole on fire in AOK. This prompted lots of people to come out and try their luck fishing on Saturday at the Mindemoya River. Nothing better to get people outside than the TV and Internet being off!

There was also a film crew in Providence Bay filming at the Auberge Inn about people who live on Manitoulin. The show is a French language show about people who live by the Great Lakes and this included interviews with some guests at the Auberge Inn who are Great Lakes surfers. Yup, you heard right…surfers who surf right here on Manitoulin island. This time of year is great for them with the waves coming from the southwest.

Sunday was a spectacular fall day with the sun shine and many visitors for the day at the beach from Sudbury who got in some nice weather! It was also the last day at the Discovery Centre for the season as well as Huron Island Time ice cream shop. Thank you to all the very loyal customers in Providence Bay who supported Nathalie and Alain and Léa for the past three years. This was their last season operating the ice cream shop. They’ve enjoyed the many encounters with locals and visitors to the area and being ambassadors for Providence Bay and Island. There was a great big moose on the loose! There have been numerous reports of moose sightings. The bull was spotted on Monday, September 14 in the area. Then numerous people saw it again on Thursday evening, including Nathalie on her way to Mindemoya. She thought there was an accident with about 10 cars pulled over, but then spotted the moose. How exciting! The moose is loose and is definitely the talk of the town throughout the Island.

Donations from refundable empties continue to be collected by Matt Young in Providence Bay and at Buie’s LCBO in Spring Bay for the civic/village square. It continues to be a work in progress.

Visitors to Providence Bay were Dan and Alexia Gilchrist and their daughter Ceilidh. They were here visiting family before they move back to Toronto from Sudbury. We wish them all well as they embark on their new careers.

Looking for something to do over the winter? Why not try your hand at the Providence Bay Curling Club? It is a fun and social time and gets you out of the house over the winter for a very affordable membership fee. New members welcome! No experience required. Call Helene at 705-377-4962 or email

A belated Happy Birthday wish goes out to Marg Cranston. Happy “75” or should we say “55”.

Thoughts and prayers are with Murray McDermid as he has been in and out of hospital.