Providence Bay News and Notes

It is time to thank the volunteers of Providence Bay and Spring Bay. There have been many endeavours accomplished because of their hard work. The gardens in the spring, summer and fall and their tireless maintenance enhance the community. The beach cleanup and the unnoticed people who never stop picking up clutter, the Lions Club fundraisers, the Bikers Breakfast, the Volunteer Fire Department, the library, the community weekly News and Notes, the amazing Canada Day celebration, the Fall Fair beginning with the talented parade, the Harbour Centre, the River Project, Stewardship Tree Program and the Summer Kids Program. All events centered around the fairgrounds and the dedicated volunteers who put on the annual home-cooked Fowl Supper. It was mentioned how it was appreciated that the youth volunteers served the delicious banquet of pies at the Fowl Supper.

Thanks to all the volunteers that may have been missed—you are also worth mentioning.

Our vibrant and growing community survives because of the selfless service of all volunteers. This makes us all grateful and proud to say “we live here.”

We hope Darlene Bryan will be feeling better soon.

Johanne Paquet is the new owner of the Island Animal Hospital. Congratulations and we hear she is doing a wonderful job.

Providence Bay Curling Club held their Christmas Party on Sunday. Several teams competed. A delicious meal was enjoyed by all. There was also an exchange of gifts. It was a very pleasant evening.

Please remember our seniors at this time of year and our veterans—please help them in any way you can.

God Bless. Give me a call if you have any news. 705-377-4449.