Province should chase those federal entities who robbed taxpayers

There is only one taxpayer

To the Expositor:

I submit to the taxpaying reader an observation and ask, “Am I the only one who sees this as upsetting and missing the mark?”

The Liberal budget is out and among other measures to recover money from, in their own words ‘people who do not pay back money owed to the public purse,’ the government is targeting primarily those students starting out in life who failed to pay back the student loan the government had them beg and grovel for, that being student loans.

The government is telling us that they have shown the big insurance companies that they “must” reduce insurance rates. Did they bring them a little reality? No. If a taxpayer puts snow tires on their vehicle (no amount specified) the government still allows insurance agencies to reduce drastically your coverage on your vehicle, ie. deductible amount and other reductions of coverage. You pay less but you get a lot less.

Where are the promises to make them accountable? Those politicians and huge business entities who either pilfered the public purse in the Orng scandal, Hydro One scandal, the building of a nuclear generating plant and then cancelling and on and on and on. A long list of those with access to the public purse visiting that public trough, ie. those government globe trotters on fishing trips, and personal agendas spending our money. When does the government chase down these people and require them to pay back? Yes, there is both federal and provincial abuse of money, but there is only one pocket where it is coming from—you the taxpayer. The provincial government could go after those federal entities who robbed from those pockets as well.

Larry Killens

South Baymouth