Questions about the many outages experienced on Manitoulin

Were things not better before Mike Harris broke up Ontario Hydro?

To the Expositor:

Having just endured another long hydro outage (some three hours today), I must ask why we are subject to so many breaks in service on this wonderful Island. If failures like this were happening in major urban centres like Toronto, Ottawa or Hamilton there would be a public uproar; surely it is time that we asked some serious questions! What are the causes of these all-too-frequent outages:

Is our system totally outdated?

Do generators need to be upgraded?

Is the system for keeping lines clear not adequate? (We do have a lot of trees on Manitoulin, or hasn’t anyone noticed that fact?)

Is senior or local management at fault?

Is there some other reason for the service interruptions?

I can’t help thinking that we were better off in the days before former Tory Premier Mike Harris interfered and broke up Ontario Hydro while, as I understand it, at the same time enriching some of his executive buddies.


Eric Balkind

Gore Bay