Rainbow School Board sees school enrolment increase for first time in several years

SUDBURY—The chair of the Rainbow District School Board (RDSB) is very pleased that the board has seen a net increase in enrolment overall this year for the first time in many years.

“The bottom line is this is the first time in years we have actually seen an increase in enrolment and not a decline,” stated Doreen Dewar, chair of the RDSB board, last week. “We are up by about 60 students, which is absolutely fantastic. We are normally down in enrolment by about 100-150 students.”

Norm Blaseg, director of education for the RDSB, told Northern Life in its November 28, 2014 edition that as of October 31, the board’s enrolment is up 64.88 students at the secondary level over a year before, while it is down seven students at the elementary level.

Ms. Dewar said the enrolment increase likely has something to do with the new schools and renovations the board has completed over the last year, as well as its efforts to recruit adult students.

“The fact that enrolment statistics shows an increase in student numbers this year, albeit a small one, when you look at the differences we have had in declining enrolment at its schools, about 100-150 per year, and this year’s increase you are looking at about a 150-200 student increase difference,” said Ms. Dewar. “Absolutely, this also helps benefit the board in the funding amount we receive from the province as well. As a board we receive approximately $11,000 in funding per student, so if you look at an increase of approximately 58 that is about $638,000 additional funds we will have on hand. With this, for instance, at the secondary school level we can improve and have a better selection of programs for the students.”