Rainbow Schools offer Kindergarten orientation

MANITOULIN—All Rainbow Schools will offer Kindergarten orientation sessions for children starting school this fall as well as their parents/guardians.

Parents who have not registered their children still have time to do so and can reserve their spot for Kindergarten orientation by calling their nearest Rainbow School. Registrations for September 2016 will also be accepted at the Kindergarten sessions.

At the orientation sessions, families will have an opportunity to connect with Kindergarten teachers, early childhood educators, school personnel and staff from community agencies. They will also meet other children starting school this fall.

“Early years are formative years,” says Rainbow District School Board Chair Doreen Dewar. “Research has shown that brighter starts lead to brighter futures, so it’s important that schools establish strong links with the home and engage parents/guardians as partners in education from the outset.”

“In Rainbow District School Board, we recognize that building this partnership begins well before the first day of school,” the chair continues. “Starting school is not the beginning of a child’s educational experience. It is a continuation of the journey of learning together.”

At the orientation sessions, children will participate in early learning activities. Parents/guardians will learn strategies on how they can help orient their children for school, with a special focus on literacy and numeracy. They will receive their very own bag of resources, which may contain information from the school, the board and/or community partners, for instance, math tip sheets or information about transportation or Health Unit programs.

Kindergarten orientation session on Manitoulin are as follows:

Assiginack Public School, Wednesday, May 4 at 6 pm, 705-368-7010;

Central Manitoulin Public School, Wednesday, May 4 at 5 pm, 705-368-7005;

Charles C. McLean Public School, Wednesday, May 4 at 6 pm, 705-368-7015;

Little Current Public School, Thursday, May 12 at 6 pm, 705-368-2932.