Rainbow Schools participate in Treaty Recognition Week

Rainbow Schools will celebrate Treaty Recognition Week from November 5 to 9, 2018, as staff and students continue to learn about the histories, cultures, contributions and perspectives of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples of Canada. Activities and lessons throughout the week will create awareness about treaties and treaty relationships.

Rainbow District School Board passed a motion in April 2017 acknowledging the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and committing to key recommendations as they relate to education. Under the guidance of the First Nations Advisory Committee, and through broad community consultations led by Nbisiing Consulting, the Truth and Reconciliation: Commitment to Action plan was developed.

The plan, which was adopted by the Board, will guide work in Indigenous Education over the next five years. With Elder support, the document will be formally brought into the system through ceremony and teachings about the significance of this commitment.

Rainbow District School Board has provided professional learning for teachers, including lesson plans and resources to incorporate treaty education into their classrooms. Treaty Recognition Week provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the treaties, deepen knowledge and build understanding.

Alexander Public School

Kindergarten students at Alexander Public School will take part in a lesson about Mother Earth, with a special focus on living in harmony and how everything is interconnected. Primary students will visit neighbouring communities to learn about territorial acknowledgements. Students will also read Robert Munsch’s ‘A Promise is a Promise,’ a story based on an Inuit tale that reinforces the importance of a promise between people. Junior and intermediate students will learn about the effects and intergenerational impacts of the residential school system on First Nation, Métis, and Inuit children in Canada. Students will read “Shi-shi-etko,” followed by a self-analogy exercise regarding a family celebration.

Assiginack Public School

Students at Assiginack Public School will participate in a number of activities with a focus on treaties. Students will learn about the history of treaties and wampum, and will link their learning to activities involving mathematics and the arts. Guest speaker Joshua Manitowabi, a doctoral student at Brock University, Anishinabe historian and orator, will visit with students in Grades 5 to 8 to discuss local treaty history.

Copper Cliff Public School

Grade 6 students at Copper Cliff Public School will engage in a student-led inquiry focused on answering questions related to treaties of the past and present. This inquiry will be run during social studies classes using the Communities in Canada Past and Present curriculum. Students will engage with images and non-fiction local resources to strengthen their understanding. Questions and theories will be shared amongst students.

C.R. Judd Public School

During Treaty Recognition Week, C.R. Judd Public School will begin opening exercises with O Canada in Ojibwe and will acknowledge the Robinson-Huron Treaty area, the Anishinaabek of this territory, and the local traditional lands of Atikameksheng and Wahnapitae First Nations.  Throughout the week, classes will learn more about our local treaty. Primary classes will focus on the importance of keeping promises. C.R. Judd will use the book “Raccoon’s Last Race”  by Joseph Bruchac & James Bruchac to guide discussion.

Lansdowne Public School

Special guest teacher Brandon Petahtegoose will speak with students in Grades 4 to 8 about the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek territory and treaties. Students will take part in a variety of activities including a reading of the Turtle Island Creation story for students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 as well as loom and wampum belt teachings.

Little Current Public School

During Treaty Recognition Week, primary students at Little Current Public School will focus on the theme of promises. Students will examine and reflect on what promises are and what they mean. Students will read “Raccoon’s Big Race” by Joseph and James Bruchac, and will learn new Ojibwe terms for the animals and characters, and the main idea (promises) from the story. Junior and intermediate students will learn about treaties from guest Joshua Manitowabi. Throughout the week, students in various classes will complete activities from the educational kit “We Are All Treaty People”.

Manitoulin Secondary School

Students and staff at Manitoulin Secondary School will begin Treaty Recognition Week with a feast on Monday, November 5th, 2018. Facts about treaties will be shared with students each day throughout the week. Storytellers will visit with students to share stories in class as well as in the school’s Three Fires Confederacy Room.

Markstay Public School

Markstay Public School will begin each morning throughout Treaty Recognition Week with the National Anthem in Ojibwe. During announcements, members of the Student Council will deliver educational messages to raise awareness about treaties. Students will learn about the significance of wampum belts, and will have the opportunity to take part in a wampum belt learning activity. Throughout the week, intermediate students will read stories to primary students about wampum belts and the importance of treaties.

Monetville Public School

Students at Monetville Public School will create messages to raise awareness about treaties and local First Nation communities. The messages, prepared by students in Core Ojibwe classes, will be shared on morning announcements and posted on the school’s Facebook page. Students will take part in classroom reading sessions with a focus on the book “We Are All Treaty People” by Maurice Switzer and Charley Herbert. Students will also discuss the historical significance of treaties.

R.L. Beattie Public School

Primary and junior students at R.L. Beattie Public School will use a variety of resources to develop a better understanding about treaties. Students will also engage in ongoing discussions regarding the history and significance of treaties.

Westmount Public School

During Treaty Recognition Week, students at Westmount Public School will read the story “We Are All Treaty People” by Maurice Switzer and Charley Herbert.