Rape is an overwhelming nightmare

To the Expositor:

In our lifetime we are challenged daily as we learn to live, depending greatly upon station, location, affluence, influence, education and parentage. Very often as the tree is bent so it will grow. An adventurous spirit unless disciplined might sometimes be lead astray. In the recent past we hear and read of the nightmarish youthful lives that have been tormented and bullied and wasted by other adventurous youthful males, or by demented adults.

The youth of today, both male and female, not unlike our earlier generations are experiencing the sexual sensations in their early teenage years common to all but without the sense of responsibility that is also involved it is common among the early years to wonder, and to boast, to have a desire to examine or touch and listen while others boast.

In recent times we hear of sex education within our schools, and prohibitions being taught in our churches. It is not an easy subject to teach at the dinner table, being very sensitive to the individual. Very often the only enlightenment that is gained from a group of street boasters. In farming communities the natural rotation of animals or pets bring obvious conclusions. Our sexual relationships must also include respect. Our bodies are very private and very personal. If you do not feel affection and respect for me, keep your distance! Theft is a crime, but rape is an overwhelming nightmare that is the everlasting theft of any kind of peace, that reoccurs over and over as memory returns.

Recently a young lady felt she could no longer endure the torment of her classmates in her nightmarish life living the torment of being gang raped by four of her classmates. We wonder at her being bullied as well. Have our youth become so cold as to have no sympathy for this young innocent? Young ladies would you care to be next? Rape is always of the innocent, but gang rape must be worse than murder!

Please do not allow this horror to fade into the history of our time! There must be consequences! Rape is a murderous intrusion to an innocent body.

Ray White