Rapid COVID tests should be free to those who need them

To the Expositor:

Infections rising again and I do not think this pandemic will be over soon either. We have a lot of unvaccinated people, probably in the thousands. They keep advising for rapid test but sometimes it has to be paid to get the rapid test. If anybody wants the rapid test these devices should be available for free for anybody who wants one instead of trying to make money off it. The Ministry of Health would cover the cost. Seeing people being held like hostages in hotels after coming back from their trips that they are told to wait until after coming back from their trips and told to wait until somebody comes over, then nobody ever shows up, even after 24 hours. Well, if this happens then they should just leave and then just defy their policy because from what I have heard the government can’t even handle the situation. They are just too stupid all over there, just creating policies that are very confusing especially for the travellers who sooner or later just might create a very hostile environment. The way they are handling this pandemic is pushing people to their limits, how much can they take? They are relying on technology too much as well, but this technology is just garbage. Sometimes it does not work the way it supposed to work, I stay away from it, using my mind works better, it keeps my mind active and its healthy for the mind too.

Ronald Osawabine