Record black bear killed in Silver Water area

SILVER WATER—A seasonal resident has downed a large black bear that has been a nuisance in the Silver Water area.

Nathan McPhee explained that the bear shot by Laura Norrish, age 20, “is the third largest bear ever harvested in Ontario by a female using a crossbow, according to the hunting records I have for the province. Even looking at statistics all-time she would have been 150-160 overall in Ontario for the largest bear harvested.”

“There is one less nuisance bear in the neighbourhood,” said Mr. McPhee of the bear who had been a nuisance on his property this summer.

“Laura has been living at a cottage on Barrie Island for the summer, and has done her second year of nursing at Seneca College.”

Mr. McPhee explained that he has a cottage near Silver Water, and it was on this property that Ms. Norrish harvested the black bear on Saturday, September 8, 2012 using a crossbow.

“This was her first ever animal harvested,” said Mr. McPhee. “The size of the bear is calculated by skull measurement. But this bear would have been approaching approximately 400 pounds.”

The harvested bear skull is at the University of Guelph, 60 days drying period, and Mr. McPhee pointed out he got his copy of the Ontario hunting record books, and Ms. Norrish is now placed second for the crossbow kill of a bear.

Mr. McPhee explained, “this bear has been harassing me all summer, he even shook my truck when I was videotaping him one day, and he was into the campsite one night and ripped the door shed off. I am proud and happy Laura got this bear.”

 Tom Sasvari