Retro comics, video games store opens in Gore Bay

Gore Bay’s newest business opens! Ryan McClean, left in photo and Monica Jollymore display some of the items that can be found in the new Ryan McClean’s store, which opened this past Monday.

Monica’s Korner features Native crafts, dreamcatchers and more

GORE BAY – You would have to travel quite a distance off Manitoulin Island to find the same type of  retro comic books and video games that can be found at the new Ryan McClean’s store, in Gore Bay.

“Customers would have to travel to Sudbury or Sault Ste. Marie for the comics and video games that we have here,” stated Mr. McClean of the store, which “also features Monica’s Korner Native crafts, jewellery, dreamcatcher’s and much more.

The new store, which opened this past Monday, is located in the old Blacksmith Square building, on 24 Meredith Street, in Gore Bay. 

“We have a whole host of movies, DVDs, Blu Rays and a couple of VHSs that can be rented, and video games new and used–—all retro for sale and rent,” said Mr. McClean. He noted for example there is PS1 to PS4, Nintendo and Nintendo Two, Game Boys, all for sale. The Hyperkin systems are also available for sale, which will also play Super Nintendo. “We have Nintendo-Final featuring #2-3 for Nintendo Entertainment System.”

There are also comics all type of cards and collectables, silver dollars and old coins. “One of the coins we have for sale is from the opening of the Confederation Bridge in PEI (Prince Edward Island), the day it opened. I was the third person to cross the bridge,” said Ryan, who is originally from New Brunswick.

Among the retro vintage comics, are Executors Song comics, several Excalibur including some signed by author Ken Kelly, and Junior X-Men comics signed by author John Romita. “We also have Vintage four at the start of the Silver Surfer,” 

Curiously, “the two most expensive comics we have for sale is two Gene Autry Champion comic books (which sell for $1,100 each), that were my grandfathers,” said Ryan.  

Mr. McClean, who is originally from New Brunswick, pointed out that Monica Jollymore, who is Mi’kmaq is originally from St. Thomas, Ontario and moved to the Island from Nova Scotia four years ago.

“We have been best friends for a long time, and when we got talking about this store, with her arts and crafts we decided to make the store a go,” said Mr. McClean, who moved to Gore Bay, from Milton, Ontario.  

Mr. McClean’s store will be open seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm. The business website where potential customers will be able to log on and look at items and supplies will be available in the next week. For more information phone 1-905-462-1533.