‘Saving the world’ costs too much

Easy to shoot mouths off without knowing the impact on citizens

To the Expositor:

Complaints are starting to come in against Hydro One with the rising cost of hydro and I have noticed that hydro rates are going up steady. I do remember Kathleen Wynne’s government did promise that they would control hydro rates, but that’s not happening because these investors just want to profit from Hydro One. They have no consideration for anybody except for their greed and with these hydro rates going up everything is going to get expensive, including the most important thing—our groceries. The help we’re getting now from OESP (Ontario Energy Support Program) will no longer help because it will catch up to the amount of help we’re getting now and Ontarians have only one solution to this problem and that is to kick Kathleen Wynne out of office.

I will say it again that switching to green energy is a whole lot more expensive than what we are using now, but these idiots who are trying to save the world have no idea what the heck they are getting themselves into. It’s very easy for them to go around shooting off their mouths without knowing what it’s going to cost citizens and I do challenge the energy minister to come and talk to me because I will certainly give him a good lecturing in the hopes that something would click.

Ronald Osawabine