Sea container bylaw wouldn’t happen if council held accountable

The Canadian Rural Alliances weighs in from Markham

To the Expositor:

In regard to the idiot bylaw the Municipality of Central Manitoulin is trying to implement to ban sea containers and other such structures because a few ingrates have complained to council saying they are unsightly on privately owned property. To begin with, in the fact of the original unincorporated rule of law, council can’t lawfully ban or outlaw anything on privately owned rural property unless the owner of that land is stupid enough to consent to council’s dictates or council is willing to have a referendum where 60 percent of citizens vote to ban whatever the municipality wants to outlaw.

This procedure is hardly ever done because most municipalities aren’t willing to give citizens their say in anything. They would rather try and scare everyone into going along with their bullying procedures. The problem is the general public is lawfully ignorant of what their rights really are so all levels of government get away with operating outside the rule of law because no one is willing or smart enough to hold them accountable for their criminal actions. The facts are that all levels of government across Canada each day are trashing our Bill of Rights, our Constitutional Charter of Rights and Freedoms and destroying our private necessity to physically and financially survive. In law terms this is called “legal injury” which a claim for damages can be launched immediately against anyone who abrogates your rights and freedoms in any way. Also a notice of absolute lawful claim for liability can be served to anyone causing you harm through legal injury. This claim for liability could be as much as 10 million dollars. Common law commercial liens can also be registered against any municipality, provincial or federal government for harm they have caused you wherein your ability to physically sustain yourself has been compromised by governments creating bylaws, codes, acts, statutes, rules, regulations, taxes, fees or surcharges which hurts you, your business or family.

This is info most Canadians know nothing about because the Black Robed authorities don’t want you to know what you can do to remedy against the criminals that run this nation and call other western countries for the last 40 years.

I’ve watched this once great nation slowly go to hell in a hand basket on all levels as big corporations, endless special interest groups, plus all levels of government and their various agencies destroy everything they touched enveloping our regards, freedoms, liberties, prosperity, logical common senses, down our spiritual awareness by unlawfully taxing, regulating, processing, politically correcting,  signaling, inspection, softening, licensing, permitting, surbaiting, censoring, governing, brainwashing,   greening, environmentally and politically, citizens completely to death.

Simply put, the existing system we are enslaved under has become public enemy number one. It is in fact a gigantic criminal that doesn’t care about we the people if it did it would not steel almost 60 percent of our incomes through 350 different style taxes. There are peaceful ways to hold the system accountable for the way they’re abusing us and Canadians need to learn what their methods are. Today in Canada everything we freely did 50 years ago is 2016 either illegal or you need a licence to do it which is just another tax. Also annuals, fish, birds, livestock, insects, reptiles, trees, plants, our water, earth, rocks, fungus all have rights. But humans, don’t. If the pioneers would have been as taxed and regulated to death as we are, everyone would still be living in the bush, because they would never have been aloud to clear the land, build farms, homes or towns because of the endless red and green communists tape we are forced fed.

Simply put, 50 years ago Canada was a free prosperous democracy, today in 2016 this nation has been socially reengineer into an illogical, fished, communalist, nunnery, police state, dictatorship, technocracy all other western nations are in the same mess, all which are fearfully bankrupt because of endless scaliest mismanagement and waste of money.

Canada total debt is 100 trillion no matter how much tax dollars these nations rob from the poor the debt can never be paid off the only way to cancel it out is for complete financial physical collapse which is fast approaching and there isn’t a thing anyone can do to stop this already started great recovery, all because for 50 years idiots have seen everything destroyed by worrying about sea containers and trucks being parked on privately land.

This so-called authority should vacate their dillusioned world and begin to live in the real world again some day and figure out how to fix the real problems we have. But of course that isn’t going to happen.

In closing let me say there are lots of logical ways of holding governments accountable for their out of control ways. Everyone needs to create a claim to the rights which states all your freedoms and what will lawfully happen to any government who would those relist. Again, the municipalities under the original unincorporated rule of law can’t ban anything on private land and if they try and do so without your consent they can be sued for millions of dollars and charged with contempt for not obeying the rule of law. Today’s governments are operating unlawfully. All levels of governments in Canada plus big corporations and industries have created over 50 million different laws, rules, and regulations, bylaws, codes, acts, states accordance with endless red tape most active Canadians each day breaks over 100 of these various control fake enforcements without ever moving it. This is social communism. It costs Canada over 1 billion dollars a week to keep this insane justice system running, which by the way now considers you guilty until proven innocent. Simply put, this nation is now a failed state and heading for system collapse. If most Canadians really knew how bad and out of control everything really is they would be horrified. It no longer matters who you vote for, because who ever gets elected contributes to the problem because the system is broken and can’t be fixed.

I am Brian McCurdy, with all rights and freedom reserved I was created and born with being a free rural young man and founder plus regulator for the Canadian Rural Alliances and organization for upholding rural rights.

Brian McCurdy