Snowmobile ice trails closed for the season

MANITOULIN—In light of the recent news (and the front page article in this paper regarding the Brechin couple that found themselves in the North Channel Friday afternoon during a snowmobile trip), The Expositor contacted Manitoulin Snowdusters media spokesperson Brad Middleton for a trail update. Currently all Snowdusters trails on Manitoulin and area waters are listed as ‘closed’ or ‘limited.’

Mr. Middleton explained that following the Friday incident, the Ontario Provincial Police requested the Manitoulin Snowdusters close all of the ice trails, which they did.

As of Monday morning, the land trails are listed on the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club’s website as either ‘closed’ or ‘limited.’

“This is not only because there are some big bare patches starting to show, but also because it is getting hard to get in and out of the towns to get gas etc. due to bare roads and streets,” Mr. Middleton explained.

“However, if anyone chooses to use the land trails on March Break they still can, technically,” he added. “As always, and like the signs say, you are using the trails at your own risk.”