Spectacular new logos on Providence Bay Curling Club ice

The new logo that now dons the Providence Bay Curling Club ice surface. The design pays tribute to the wooded areas surrounding Providence Bay that lead down to the sandy Lake Huron beach.

PROVIDENCE BAY—The new logos have now been installed on the Providence Curling Club arena ice and they look spectacular.

“They’ve been in for a few days,” said Angela Johnston, who had designed the Providence Bay Curling Club logo which won the Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA) Jet Ice Logo Contest earlier this spring.

“I’m really happy with the way the logos turned out, they look fantastic on the ice,” said Ms. Johnston.

As was reported previously, NOCA runs a contest every year for its member clubs, Ms. Johnston told the Recorder. Participating curling clubs were to design a (curling rink) house specifically for the club.

“In my house design I wanted to incorporate the natural environment of the Village of Providence Bay, as well as pay tribute to the history of our club,” Ms. Johnston told the Recorder. She wrote in the contest entry, “Providence Bay is located on the south shore of Manitoulin Island, which is within Lake Huron. Providence Bay is well known for its beautiful sand beach, just down the street from our club.”

“The 12-foot ring in my design represents the wooded areas that are throughout Providence Bay and the surrounding area and which give way to the beach along the shore. The eight-foot ring and the button have sand backgrounds, representing our beautiful beach. The four-foot ring has a water background, representing Lake Huron. The outline of Manitoulin Island is placed in the middle of the house, mostly within the Lake Huron 4-foot, with the approximate location of Providence Bay placed on the pin.”

“Our club was established in 1956 through the hard work of many community volunteers, including my grandfather,” continued Ms. Johnston. “At that time, corn brooms were used for sweeping and I recall using older-style rocks during my early years of curling in Providence Bay. For this reason, I chose to include the crossed corn brooms and older-style rock to represent our history, as well as including the year established within the eight-foot ring.”

For winning the contest, Jet Ice Logo put in two 12-foot prints (of the submitted logo design) onto the curling club ice recently. There are two logos actually, the one that won the contest and an equally good one that promotes the Providence Bay Curling Club junior curling program.