Storage shed destroyed in Kagawong Fire

KAGAWONG—A storage shed was destroyed in a fire that took place in Kagawong on Thursday, August 24.

“The fire destroyed a storage shed, and did some damage to the back of the house-melting some of the siding (of the house),” explained Billings Fire Chief Merv Gilchrist, when contacted by the Recorder on August 25. “The fire took place last night.”

“We (Billings Fire Department) handled the fire ourselves,” said Mr. Gilchrist. “Our fire fighters did a very good job getting the fire out quickly so it didn’t spread further.” He pointed out the house is still standing.

The shed fire took place at the Burnett residence that is being rented out currently, located at 38 Beach Street in Kagawong. No one was in the house at the time of the fire, Mr. Gilchrist told the Recorder.

As for a cause for the blaze Mr. Gilchrist explained, “it is suspected a squirrel ate through a power chord bar to the building.”