Survey says… Manitowaning’s Sprack clan Family Feud guests

TORONTO—A Manitowaning-based family, whose members are now scattered around Ontario, had the opportunity to get together and take part in a CBC television game show recently, one of their late mother’s favourite television programs. Airing of the show on television is expected to take place in early 2023.

“We are members of the Sprack family from Manitowaning,” said Marc Sprack, who now lives in Toronto. “Our parents, Joyce and Brian Sprack were business owners on the Island. My dad is still alive, but our mother passed away two years ago. She loved to watch the television game show, Family Feud, so we kind of did this as a tribute to her; applying to be on the Family Feud Canada version.”
“It was incredible for our family,” said Debbie Robinson, who along with Marc is among the six Sprack children. “In December 2020 our mom, who was the anchor of our family, passed away. Family Feud was one of my mom’s favourite shows. She watched it right through the years, with host Richard Dawson, who was host for the US version of Family Feud. He also starred on ‘Hogans Heroes,’ which was also one of our family’s favourite television shows. She also watched the Canada version of Family Feud with host Gerry Dee. Mom also loved Jeopardy when it had Canadian Sudburian Alex Trebek as the host.”

“Mike and I, and Dad, are the only ones of our family who still live on the Island. We all get together when we can,” said Ms. Robinson. “It was fun being on the show. We couldn’t have been treated any better, we were treated like royalty.” “I grew up on the Island, and left when I was 17 years old,” Marc (who was the team captain) told The Expositor. “One of my sisters, Anne, who is a nurse in Sudbury, filed the application for our family to be on the show. She had to describe our family and share some of the funny stories we have. Then the associate producer of the show met us three times.” Marc explained the Sprack family had a virtual (taped live) game against an East Coast family in the show’s studio in Toronto. “Gerry Dee, a Canadian comedian hosted the show in front of a live audience,” explained Marc. “At the start of the show, our family had to line up for introductions, ‘the Sprack family from Manitoulin Island.” He noted that only five of the six siblings were able to take part in the actual show; the youngest brother, Scott, remained on standby. “Many of the questions we were asked were about Manitoulin Island, such as ‘what is a hawberry’ and ‘what do people do on the Island?’” explained Marc. “We are not sure exactly when our taped game will be aired on television.”

Marc was captain of the team which included sister Shari, who works for Manitoulin Transport in Sudbury, Anne, a nurse in Sudbury, Mike, who works for Eastlink and lives and works on the Island and Debbie, the recently retired Assiginack librarian. Scott, the youngest in the family, has a business in Sudbury and owns land on Manitoulin Island. “Our mother was originally from the Island, and she and our dad moved the family back to the Island when we were very young. We all attended public school and high school on Manitoulin Island,” said Marc. “It was a fantastic experience being on the show and we had so many chuckles and laughs,” said Marc. “And it was a chance for our family to reconnect; we are a very close family.” “I would encourage other families to apply to be on the show. It is a great way to connect and is a lot of fun,” said Debbie.

Marc said it is expected the Family Feud Canada show that features the Sprack family will air on CBC-TV in mid-February, 2023. The show airs weeknights at 7:30 pm.