Tehkummah council nixes travel trailer bylaw


TEHKUMMAH—At a previous meeting, Tehkummah Township council had passed a motion giving first and second reading to a bylaw for the licensing of trailers in the municipality. However, after discussion at a meeting last week, the third reading of the bylaw was nixed in a recorded vote by council members.

“At our last meeting, we passed a motion indicating that we would be passing a bylaw pertaining to the licensing of trailers in the municipality,” stated Reeve Dave Jaggard at a council meeting last week. He pointed out that the township bylaw enforcement officer Gerry Strong, “would like more wording added in the bylaw but said we should go ahead with the bylaw.”

It was pointed out that the additional wording being recommended by Mr. Strong would be added to the bylaw as an amendment. A permit would be $800 for the year and where a permit is in place and the bylaw is being contravened, it would cost $900 per month.

“Council had previously given authorization to pass the bylaw here tonight,” said Reeve Jaggard. He pointed out the bylaw does not permit the use of tourist trailers for human habitation except as specifically provided by the bylaw. The proposed bylaw reads that under the municipal act S.O. 2001, section 168 authorizing the municipality to pass a bylaw for the licensing of trailers in the township. Whereas zoning bylaw 80-02,  6.29, ii) does not permit the use of a tourist trailer for human habitation except as specifically provided by the bylaw. Be it resolved that bylaw 2022-11, a by-law to licence trailers in the municipality, be passed permitting the use of a trailer subject to prohibitions and a licensing fee. The bylaw also indicates that the current bylaw officer, Gerry Strong, is responsible for  enforcing the townships’ bylaws and would therefore undertake the role of the licencing enforcement officer. 

Council had the opportunity to review the final draft of the bylaw, with any changes to be made done to be done in a separate bylaw.

“The whole idea is to get the ball rolling and for our bylaw enforcement officer to be able to identify trailers in the township, contact owners of property where there is a trailer and administer the licencing program,” said Reeve Jaggard.

Councillor Mike McKenzie asked since the document in front of council was not the actual final bylaw, “anyone not complying with the bylaw won’t be fined?”

“So, this will be an enforceable bylaw,” said Councillor McKenzie.

“To me, this is wishy washy to pass something that is not actually finalized,” stated Councillor Lori Leeson. “I think we should wait to get the right actual final document.”

“I think we should wait until the next council is in place to finalize this,” stated Councillor Russell.

Councillor Rick Gordon asked, “how much time are we going to spend nitpicking on this issue?” pointing out that by having the bylaw in place, it would impact those people who are illegally parking their trailers.

Mr. Strong had hoped to have the exact wording of the bylaw for the previous meeting of council. It’s the same bylaw the municipality of Assiginack township municipality has in place, with the same lawyer having drawn up the bylaw and they have already started to implement enforcement, said Reeve Jaggard.

Councillor Russell requested a recorded vote on the proposed third and final reading of the bylaw to licence trailers in the municipality. Approval of the third reading of the bylaw motion was defeated with councillors Russell, Leeson and McKenzie in opposition and councillors Rick Gordon and reeve Dave Jaggard in favour.