Tehkummah council responds to off-leash dog complaint


TEHKUMMAH – The council of the Township of Tehkummah has committed to form a committee to review its dog and trailer bylaws in response to neighbour complaints about dogs at a property near South Baymouth.

Two residents offered a delegation at the September 10 council meeting and were supported by two more neighbours. The delegates requested four things of the township: to acknowledge the problem as stated and experienced over three years, to call together a committee—perhaps chaired by the animal control officer—to investigate appropriate bylaws by a set date, to share any draft bylaws in this matter to those who have lodged formal complaints, and to reconvene council to pass and enact the bylaws by a specified date.

The Expositor contacted the property owner who was the subject of the allegations. He said his dogs are now tied up at all times and that he has seen people driving up the road teasing the dogs for the past two years.

The owner, a seasonal resident who is trying to make Manitoulin his year-round home, said he has faced negativity from many community members because of his ‘outsider’ status, but added his family has lived on the Island for 150 years. He said there were roads on Manitoulin named after his family.

Neighbours also urged that the four dogs receive their vaccinations. The owner said he had yet to complete this because of the high costs for his four animals while living on a limited income.

The property owner expressed his concerns that this discussion took place at a public council meeting and he had never been informed that the meeting was taking place. The agenda for the September 10, 2019 council meeting listed the delegation, but it still has not been posted on the township website as of press time Monday.