Tehkummah Talk and Times

This time of year when I’m in Manitowaning I never fail to go by blue bell corner. It just gets more spectacular each year. There is a yard on the main street too that has a good showing of Scilla (I think). They sure don’t use chemical killers on their lawn, hooray! Beautiful.

Well yesterday, Tuesday, the first violets came out on my lawn, and I saw the first bumblebee!

It’s noisy in my yard today, we have far too many blue jays and they drown out the more “in tune” birds. I love my chickens (as I call them), the doves.

Had a chat with Sylvio who says he is doing well. Work and home, he says. That guy has the nicest smile!

Susan took Mom for the “needle in the eye” appointment in Sudbury on Friday. She treated Mom to Red Lobster prior; I could have gone with them but for the bug! Don’t miss too many opportunities!

Euchre: men’s high, “me,” 78, men’s lone, Gib, 1; Men’s low, Raymond, 52; ladies’ high, Betty Jean, 80; ladies’ lone, Lyla, 5; ladies’ low, 40; door prize, Sheila.

Thank you to Williamson’s Store, they gave me some of their advertising pens for our cribbage. Sometimes it’s hard to get multiplier onions but they have them!

We had five and a half tables for cribbage: three high hands of 24, Bill C. had one, Bert had two, First place- Bill and Betty Jean- 951, Second- Gib and Florence- 931, Third- Eugene and Dorothy- 928, Low- Lori and Rick- 799, Door- Donna Corbett and Ruth McGregor. Thanks Dorothy, who put the tea and coffee on today (I had a doctors apt). Thanks to whoever provided lunch. Dr. Jeeves said he had a working holiday.

I went to Cal’s and had supper with him; Cole was rehearsing for his play. I got beat two games to one at cribbage.

I was sure I had written about Cole’s trip west to Saskatchewan for Alicia’s graduation, and then he brought her and her stuff home!

Happy birthday to Lori (Gordon) May 2, love ya kid.

I operate constantly under Murphy’s Law. Friday my good deed writing to my grandson, I couldn’t find the address book for the postal code. After I found the book, I couldn’t find the card so it won’t get posted until Monday now, (that’s if I find it?). (Hey, I did!)

Today I can blame it on the bug. Sore bones, cough/cold again, I slept most of the afternoon away.

Saturday, I have never seen a humming bird moth this early. He/she is very small and in the purple violets. Today too, I heard a killdeer, not too many around anymore, I think.

Well here it is Sunday morning, looks a bit overcast right now.

Now I have a watery eye, looks like someone punched me. Would you believe I said “no” to Cal when he called about going out for supper?

Tara, Skylar and I sat in the sun, I ate a hot dog with them and then she tells me Garden Shed and JD’s is open. We go down, do a walk through and have a visit with Laurie and Gail. Glad the season is underway again. Gail’s here for good! Good!

I’m never averse to compliments, and I still never remember people’s names. So I apologize when I have to ask, but Jane Foster came to my door Sunday looking for my book of poetry. What can one say besides thank you! (I always know faces.)

Hey thank you too George and Lynda for our pictures, I’ve delivered Cole’s already.

Jane, the plant is Bougainvillea!!

Sorry to hear Bert Bosje is in the hospital in Mindemoya again.

Well after an afternoon snooze, I didn’t feel too bad so I went with Cal to Carol’s and Earl’s. Lots of folks we knew were there. We sat with Gib and Florence, later they came to Cal’s for “lots” of cribbage games. We, the Gals came out a mite smelly.

I was afraid I’d be stuck on the road until I get used to how much gas is left when the little tank icon shows. Cal gave me some of his gas on hand, so I made it home safely.

I said hello to Willie and Rick, they’ve been back a week at Kicking Mule Ranch.

This past week Skylar pointed out the first dandelion which soon ended up on Poppy’s grave, and Friday the first Red Trillium opened up, they are gradually getting thicker.

Tavis’ birthday was on the 3rd and he and Alicia spent a holiday in Costa Rica thanks to her dad’s winning ways.

Audrie phoned to remind me about cards.

Get well soon Dot (Watson) and Martin (Garniss).

The raindrops just started (9:31am). My goodness the birds are happy this morning and there are millions of’em. I may have exaggerated a bit?

Helen just phoned to say Bert Bosje passed away; after all he has been through this year. I had just written a card to Elaine before the news, and was thinking of how we are tried and tested (some more so than others). God bless and sympathy to his family and friends.

Hey, Elvis is coming to the Hall Saturday evening.

I have to apologize for my mixed-up columns. I guess they can’t read my writing, or have spell check or have to fill in the blank. Christine and Dave (Merrick) are a set! Miss Liberty the name I forgot (Skylar’s guests) and musicans (no I).